ÜBERFLIEGER ("HIGHFLYER" I) - 2nd price competition for European and German Patent Offices

Happy to have been awarded the 2nd price in the art for architecture competition for the European and German Patent Offices in Berlin!

Our proposal ÜBERFLIEGER (high-flyer) was awarded 2nd prize in the international Art in Architecture competition for the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trademark Office, Berlin!

Probably most of us have folded a paper airplane before. This is one of the first "technical" developments we make as children.

Every visitor to the Patent Office can relive the feeling of simply trying something out and tinkering with the flight characteristics. And to keep at it with the audacity of a Leonardo da Vinci until the glider carries and we finally succeed in a really good throw.

The ÜBERFLIEGER (high-flyer) embodies this desire for technical development. It becomes a symbol - almost a monument - for the inventive spirit and for this limitless play of the imagination.

Kunst am Bau für die Berliner Patentämter