URZELLE ("PRIMORDIAL SPHERE") - Play and climbing sculpture for Stallschreiber-Quartier, Berlin

Currently planning the implementation of this dome-shaped cell-cluster-sculpture called "URZELLE"...It will be cast in brass (possibly the whole sculpture in just one piece).

The inauguration as part of the garden and playground of the new Luisenpark Neighborhood is set for January 2019.

The idea of URZELLE is to metaphorically embody the growing network of the new to be built community. The courtyard is planned as an open space and not gated or fenced of from public space. And of course the kids will be allowed to use the artwork for their own purposes..

The little program I wrote for this piece is based on algorithms usually used for simulating growth patterns in the field of neurobiology. You can watch it in action in this little video:


"URZELLE" Luisenpark Quartier - Stallschreiberstra├če, Berlin by artist Peter Sandhaus