We are grateful to have won the first prize in the art in architecture competition for the new police headquarter in Greifswald.

And here are some quick fotos of the finished piece:

Police Headquarter Greifswald: Art in Architecture by Peter Sandhaus
UNSICHERHEITSFAKTOR (element of uncertainty)

Neither the What nor the Why are clear at first glance..

The 6 meter beam could fall down any minute, or could it?

At a time when the question of how to properly exercise the state monopoly on violence is being renegotiated by many people around the globe, we believe that with this installation we can make a relevant contribution to the discussion:

The red beam could fall down at any time. It does not have to, but it could possibly happen. This physically perceptible feeling of slight insecurity lets us experience the task of the police in a functioning constitutional state: namely to ensure public security and order for everyone in the face of real threats.

In the workshop:

The 6 meter long UNSICHERHEITSFAKTOR (element of uncertainty) is being assembled in the workshop.  We chose a bold and quite glossy "traffic red" RAL 3020 for maximizing contrast and visibility.

the artwork UNSICHERHEITSFAKTOR  (element of uncertainty) ready for final assembly in the workshop
UNSICHERHEITSFAKTOR (element of uncertainty) ready in the workshop