WANDVERNETZUNG ("WALL NETWORK") - at new OTH Regensburg Headquarters

 We are happy to share with you some first pictures of our newest finished piece: 

WANDVERNETZUNG (wall network)

 24 x 2 meters

direct printing on aluminum panels., over 10,000 net cells cnc-milled

mural printed on aluminium with more than 10.000 cnc-milled
WANDVERNETZUNG (wall network) OTH Regensburg

counter-shot WANDVERNETZUNG (wall network) OTH Regensburg

For WANDVERNETZUNG (engl. Wall Network) the coordinates of the concrete tie holes were read into the computer. These coordinates follow the grid of 120 cm that is typical for the entire university. 

A growth algorithm programmed by the artist especially for this work spans a complex, organic and colorful network based on these location parameters. 

Such algorithms are used in science and technology, for example, to visualize complex data, to simulate growth processes, or even to optimize constructions. They are also reminiscent of the activity of neurons in the brain and of the so-called neural networks of machine learning.

This broad field of associations makes WANDVERNETZUNG an embodiment of research and learning here at OTH. For what we call learning is, on a neuronal level, exactly this new formation and reinforcement of just such network connections.

The gallery on the 4th floor receives a colorful and space-defining triptych mural with a high recognition value and a high potential for identification for the university as a whole.

4-color direct printing on aluminum panels. Over 10,000 net cells cnc-milled. The metal panels are glued directly to the wall. In this way, the architectural exposed concrete remains visible through the meshes.